Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Joy of Homemade

For the past 3 days, this Midwinter Pixie Cap has been on my knitting needles. Passing the stitches back and forth from needle to needle amongst the hustle and bustle of family. Evelyn running in a circle around me, dragging a sheet for Pip to chase and gnaw at. Flora chasing Pip giggling and screaming. In the middle of this all, with the ombre yarn passing through my fingers, this winter cap was made. 

There is something so rewarding about seeing Flora wear this little cap I made. I'm sure all those who knit know what feeling I am talking about- that moment of pride when you say to yourself, "I made that." 

shirt and leggings c/o Ada Ada

Watching her walk around in her uncertain toddler stride, the pixie cap bobbing with each step, those memories of simple afternoons spent with family- knitting,laughing,chasing- come to mind and with a smile I acknowledge that this is the joy of homemade.



  1. Gorgeous little pixie! I have just finished crocheting a hat for my 5yr old and I have my fingers crossed she'll actually choose to wear it...

  2. Amanda, it's lovely!! Please tell me that you'll start selling them? You totally should. Also, those clothes are fantastic.

  3. completely adorable! it turned out so well...i love it!!

  4. Such a beautiful hat! And the pictures could not be any cuter.

  5. Yep, she looks like a gnome in the garden. Very cute.

  6. She is a little beauty! I the hat!