Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sick Day // Breezy Baby Blanket

It has been a rough couple days in the Thornton house. Our littlest urchin picked up a little stomach virus, so our family's usual routine was put on the back burner, and a new Flora focused routine took its place. Walking in circles around the coffee table with Flora in my arms, naps were taken in the guest bedroom so we could cuddle and I could give her water here and and cleaning were minimal. Sleep almost non existent. I haven't showered in a couple days, but Flora has had lots of warm baths!

In the still moments I decided to take this Breezy Baby Blanket out of hibernation and actually finish it. No lie, I had actually started this blanket when I was 9 months pregnant with Flora, worked on it while in labor and in the {very few} quiet moments of 'new babyhood.' But I had never actually finished it. And its not that big either. I suppose having Flora sleep on my belly again, like when she was a newborn, reminded me of this little blanket left undone so with a renewed sense of determination I sat down and finally finished her blanket.

Flora was born in August, a very hot month in the 'ole Las Vegas which we live, so I thought this would be a nice light and airy blanket to swaddle her in. Alas, it will never be used to swaddle, but it has found an equally honorable role in comforting this feverish baby, when any other knit would have been too warm. 

So here is to finally finishing this blanket
and to Miss Flora who is finally feeling better




  1. Aww, it's lovely and congrats on finishing it! Glad Miss Flora is feeling better too :)

  2. glad she's feeling better! We're over that now as well but having eczema troubles :( Anyway, the blanket is lovely. Hoping for a better rest of the week for you all.

  3. Yay, you've finally finished that lovely blanket!! Great pictures as usual and I'm so glad Ms. Flora is feeling better too. Hugs to my grandbabies:)

  4. cheers to both :)
    a better baby and a finished blanket.

  5. Lovely everything you write and make is simply lovely. I hope you are all well and running around by now. Sweet dreams

  6. Hi Amanda. Any chance you still have this pattern? It's still listed as free on the site, but can't seem to download it. Sadly, I didn't save my PDF of it. I've purchased all the yarn to make another one as a gift, but can't access the pattern. Just wondering if anyone can help at all. Thanks and I love the color's you used.