Saturday, November 12, 2011

Autumn Harvest Festival

Today the family went out to the Autumn Harvest Festival- a fun farmers' market style event that had fresh produce, artisans, *free samples*, face painting, balloon animals and even a petting zoo! A fun time indeed :)

While Flora enjoyed the fresh air and strawberries, Evelyn had a blast in the petting zoo. I kept telling my husband that one day our backyard will be like a petting zoo...he thought I was joking. But I am very serious.

Does anyone else dream of the farm life?


p.s. love Evelyn's gnome cap? Check out my Ravelry page for pattern details :)


  1. Oh how cute, I'm sure Evelyn loved the animals at "grandma's house". To answer your question about a yard full of animals, NO.

  2. so fun. another reason i love fall. and i love petting zoos.....just not in my backyard ;) lol. we have a dog and he's enough!

  3. ooh, this looks like so much fun! living in NYC, but being from the rural south, i love every minute i can do stuff like this.

  4. So lovely! Your little one i such a cutie! XO!