Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Rug for the Rugrats

Continuing to decorate the new home, we placed 'rug' at the top of our priority list. Since our living room is tile, and Flora likes to fall off the couch, a wool net to catch her was in order. I scoured many sites looking for the perfect focal point for our living room, but eventually a trip to Target and a red clearance sticker won me over.

The girls with their lovelies watching morning cartoons on Netflix
We ordered some awesome faux silk curtains in green for the living room as well, and I am currently in the process of gathering lots of blue yarn to knit a pouf/ottoman :)

Well here are some other dashing rug selections for your viewing pleasure..

Amy Butler Hand Tufted Wool Rug Coventry

Country Living Inspired Classics Pale Blue Hand Hooked Rug

Amy Butler Hand Tufted Wool Rug Lacework Blue



  1. Love those Amy butler rugs. I'm sure the girls are very happy with a new soft spot to relax.

  2. Love indulging my floral side on your blog!!