Sunday, September 4, 2011

Knitspiration: Bunny

In a previous post, A Bunny for Evelyn, I shared a little knit bunny I had been working on. After looking over the stuff toy I decided I wanted to go a different direction with my design. I wanted it to be all around smaller, so i drastically shrunk the limbs and shortened the body to compensate. Another thing I wanted was less sewing/seaming. So I did a lot of shaping to avoid having to sew on arms and ears. I kept with the striped effect but decided I wanted to go with a more rustic approach and use reverse garter stitch for the main body. I prefer the seedy texture and irregular striping that the 'wrong side' of garter stitch gives the piece. For the last bunny I added a skirt, but since this one was so much shorter, I went with a peter pan collar and 'buttons' instead :) And I wasn't too pleased with how the face/head turned out with the other one, so I did a little more shaping with the head and embroidered a more 'stoic' simple face then the previous smiling one with whiskers.

I am very pleased with the end result! I want to make another one, but a cat version, and see which I prefer more....

And why am I being so diligent in creating a little knit toy? 

Lets just say I'll be having a Grand Opening of sorts at the turn of the year ;) 


  1. It's adorable. Keep up the good work.

  2. Oooh, grand opening? Exciting! I love the bunny. A cat would def be cute too.

  3. oh yes! I'm keeping it a little 'hush hush' as of now, but I've been working on items for a new shop i'll be opening in January :) As of now I know it will carry small knit toys and hair accessories. And i'm juggling the pros and cons of either carrying handmade dresses or vintage ones.