Friday, September 9, 2011


For awhile now I've been working secretly on a new shop, and I feel that I am finally ready for the big announcement!  My current shop, Folklure, will still be open on Etsy- but this blog and promo purposes will be connected to the new shop opening soon. Which means big changes!

*NEW blog name
*NEW blog url
*NEW twitter username
*NEW button/ad
* deletion of Folklure fb page
*features/giveaways will now be on Mondays
*Fridays will be reserved for crafty DIYs/kiddo activities for you to enjoy over the weekend
* I'm getting a fancy smancy camera next week, so look forward to some amazing photos

but the content of the blog will remain the same! If not become better ;)

So what will Folklure become? And what will I be selling in my new shop?


This will be the new blog/shop name!
The shop will be selling hand knit goodness for kiddos. right now the ideas are toys,pillows, garlands,mobiles,hair accessories and bow ties. Designs are done, and the needles are going! Knotty is still in works, and won't be opening till the end of November (maybe sooner.) I'm going to take my time and do it right, creating a legit shop with a full stock when it's 'doors' open :)

till the shop opens, I'll be sharing all my preparation for Knotty here on the blog and I look forward to your feedback, so I can create a shop y'all love to visit!

and speaking of feedback, I'd love to hear what you think of the shop name, Knotty

*All changes will be made Sunday night, I'm hoping that by changing the url I wont lose all my followers, but if something happens, make sure you search the new url I'll have posted on my twitter account so you can keep up with me!*



  1. Looking forward to seeing it all come together! I'm super interested in your fancy camera...mine's rubbish and I'm hoping to buy one someday that's good...would love to hear (and see) how you get on.
    I like Knotty, but I must admit that it first made me think of 'Naughty' and something, well, naughty. ;)

  2. Sounds awesome! I like knitting things for my son. :)

  3. how exciting. I'll be checking in.

  4. Knitted goodness for kiddos? I LOVE this! Knot so hot on 'knotty' though ;) but I will put my prejudice aside and focus on the cuteness that I'm sure will be there :)