Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fancy Smancy

As some of you might know from my 'tweets' (such a funny word), I finally have a fancy smancy camera!
My husband didn't quite understand why I needed one, so for the sake of comprise, I walked out of Best Buy with my camera as he rolled his eyes at me, and he walked out with a 55 inch LED TV as I rolled my eyes at him.
Everyone was rolling eyes and happy as a clam :)

but I know my dear readers totally understand my want, nay, NEED of  such a camera

* Professional quality product shops for the 'opening soon' Knotty
*Seasonal Knotty look book full of gorgeously shot pictures
* upgrade my blog photos for a more aesthetically pleasing blog

see? Much more useful than an over sized TV ;)

So I spent this past weekend stalking my kiddos, pretending that i'm a professional photographer. it was pretty fun. Here is a peek into my weekend...

Each little lady doing what they do best.
::making music::


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  1. What kind of camera did you end up getting? Your pics look great!

  2. looks like it was worth it! great pics! :)

  3. nice photos--especially like the knitting hands. yes, I NEED to know what sort of camera, as well. Mine is RUBBISH and although my husband supports a purchase, I just don't know where to begin.
    camera review!
    camera review!
    camera review!

  4. Lovely pics:)

  5. AWWW! These are awesome photos :) I'm glad you have a nice camera with which to take these beautiful photos! And your sweetie got his TV so everyone's happy! You are a really good photographer :)

  6. yay for a new fancy camera! I was sooo excited when I got mine (and the man has ended up with a flat screen too... which I too could care less about :)
    and that shot of you and your baby at the top? sooo sweet.