Thursday, August 18, 2011

To Cut or Not to Cut

I was cruising the Lucky Kids Magazine website and saw that they had a whole section devoted to 'back to school' haircuts for your kiddos. I glanced over at Evelyn, with her fresh new haircut... a haircut that I just gave her with our big black kitchen scissors. Bangs that end in the middle of her forehead, wavy hair that ends right above her shoulders. Nothing fancy. I did it while I was on the phone with StateFarm. 
So this got me thinking, do you take your kids to a salon for a haircut, or do you do it yourself?
Or perhaps there is a 'cut off date'
like, once your kids start going to school, then it would be far too embarrassing to show up to kindergarten with a "my mommy did it" haircut.

all images via Lucky Kids


  1. Just got back from the hairdressers right now :) Take both the kiddos to different hairdressers that suit their ages (3 and 14) because I can't cut hair to save my life. And as I say to my eldest, 'If there's one thing you want in life it's good hair.' ;)

  2. I would love for my son to have a hair "style", but he's 3 and won't let me take a comb to his hair, so he get's a buzz at home. My girls, 5 & 8, get their back-to-school cuts at a salon, but they just have straight cuts, so after that I trim them at home. :)

  3. There have been many bad bang cuts that I should have never attempted. I will find your picture as proof. I say pay the five bucks for a pro to do it.

  4. I spent years giving the kids terrible/great haircuts...depending on the way the wind was blowing. A few hair-dresser friends have taken pity on me over the years and cut the kids' hair whilst teaching me how to 'keep it up' at the same time. Sometimes I just crumble and pay Raymond or Steve down the road to do it...I did just tackle the haystack that is Olive's hair and gave her a nice asymmetrical fringe that I'm actually happy with.