Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Meaningful Art Gallery

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I am smitten with these eclectic photo collages. My family and I will be moving into our first house next week (!!!) and I just know that my first decor order of business will be to create one of these focal points. I've even picked some art pieces for the task! Nothing is purchased yet, as I still have my marbles and know that appliances have priority here but still! Here is my art gallery for your viewing pleasure...
Ballerina by Renee Michele

I did ballet from age 5 until I married my hubby, so this wispy depiction of a ballerina reminds me of my early years. 


The intricate design of the feather reminds me of the lace knitwear...the shade of turquoise in the folk bird print is my favorite color...the happy family of owls represents my little flock and the image of the woman with the ship upon her hair makes me think of my Daddy. My Dad is in the Coast Guard, so when I was a little girl he would be out at sea for intervals of time, and this piece reminds me of how us girls (my mom and sisters) would always keep him in our thoughts.


Again, the cuddling of four southwest coyotes represents this Las Vegas family...the crocheted stones make me smile (as an avid crocheter/knitter)...the minimalist depiction of the european like balcony reminds me of my trip to France, though i'm pretty sure the illustration is of somewhere in Greece,haha.... and I just love that untamed girl in the teacup


a skein of yarn, need I saw more?.... The woman with the headpiece actually reminds me of my mom when she was a little girl, something about the hair/eyebrows/expression reminds me of a picture I've seen....and of the course the depictions of a toddler and baby girl make me think of my Evelyn and Flora.

I just adore each and every piece! its wonderful when art not only looks appealing, but has meaning on a whole other level,that differs for each individual. For the collage I plan on placing each piece in thrift store find frames, maybe adding some mirrors (like in inspiration #2), some of my cross stitch pieces.... and perhaps a big letter T for this Thornton family :)

It seems like i'll need a big wall to work with.


  1. Goodness, that artwork is lovely. I love that one of the girl with the blue waves of hair and ship, it reminded me of our military life as well. I would love to have that hanging in my sitting room :)

  2. Hi Amanda, infinite thanks for your feedback, I've installed your button on my blog bar.
    Folklure is beautiful
    greetings and nice week!

  3. Lovely! I can't wait to see what you do with your new space Amanda! Congrats on your new home:)