Friday, August 26, 2011

Mini Crush on Minikin

I've recently come across,Minikin, my new favorite,fabulous, children's boutique. 
My shopping bag on their site is over flowing with whimsical cuteness, so I thought i'd share some of my favorite looks with y'all- enjoy!

here’s our pick for the week…LOOKS WE LOVE


bene floral print shorts
Bene Floral Print Shorts

Most images are from the Minikin tumblr page, which is one of my favorite daily reads :) but you gotta check out their shop to fully appreciate the awesomesness of Minikin!


  1. Those shorts are the sweetest! I so wanted a pair of floral shorts for little girl this summer. We may have to get a pair and rock them with some boots and tights for winter:)

  2. The dolls! They're so precious! When I have a baby, all of her toys will be as darling as this. Thanks for sharing :-)