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Blue Bird Lucy's Vintage

Goooood Morning!

I have a special treat today for y'all~ a FEATURE FRIDAY on a Saturday! I haven't done a feature for over a month now, so I'm super stoked for the features I have lined-up for the month of September. So excited in fact that I cannot wait till next Friday for this interview with Kim from Blue Bird Lucy's. So I decided, what the heck, lets do it today :) I found Kim's vintage clothing shop for children while drooling over the current issue of  Babiekins Magazine. A sweet, retro knit top of hers was featured and I had to see what this Blue Bird Lucy's was all about! Browsing through her shop, I realized I hit a gold mine of kiddo goodness and just had to share this shop with you. So without further ado, here is the lovely Kim of Blue Bird Lucy's

Tell us about yourself

Hi all! It's Kim here visiting from my little vintage shop, Blue Bird Lucy's, and I'm SO excited Amanda has asked me to be here today! Blue Bird Lucy's is your space to find all things for the 
vintage loving kiddo in your life! As well as a few fab vintage items for the mommies:)

Vintage 70's Retro Brown Stripe Knit Button Down (size 5-8) 

What inspired you to open your vintage clothing shop, Blue Bird Lucy's?

The Vintage side of Blue Bird Lucy's began shortly after I had my daughter a few years ago. I had always had a love for collecting vintage items and after having my daughter I really had a love for collecting vintage children's items. I mean how could you not, right!:) They are always so colorful, unique, and a great way to be green! As my love grew I knew I would have to start sharing as my daughter would probably never wear a pair 1970's boys bell bottoms...haha...:) But oh how I have loved sharing and I LOVE the pictures customers send. I mean you all seriously have some of the cutest kids!...and I love showing the pictures to my daughter as she will sometimes remember the item and thinks its "cool" to see it on other kids:)

Vintage IRMI Humpty Dumpty Lamp

                                                  Where do you hunt for all your great finds?

I seriously find stuff all over the place, thrift stores, church sales, estate sales, and auctions! But the great people whom I've meet over the past couple of years have really become my greatest source! They have come to know me and my daughter and will call us when they find something we might like....and the best part is that they will usually have some fun vintage toy or dress especially for my daughter. I foresee see in ten years having a mother daughter pickers type of show...LOL:)

70s Retro Red  Vest (4t -5t)

What has been the most rewarding moment for you as a shop owner?

Everything about my little shop is rewarding! From the stories I get from my lovely customers about having found a piece in my shop that was just like the one they wore as a kid, and now their kid gets to wear it! To helping parents and kids have fun together!

Vintage Polka dot Flutter Top (2T)

I want to think Amanda and her Lovely readers for having me over for a visit and offer a discount to her readers for the entire month of September!

Thank you Kim! Be sure to check out Blue Bird Lucy's to take advantage of this Folklure exclusive coupon!

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