Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby Knits

{ Here are some of the knitting projects i did while i was pregnant with Flora }
This was my first project- a hooded blanket in stone with white trim. I've actually used the blanket as a swaddler, tucking her feet in the hood and wrapping her from there. This blanket is completely garter stitch with very long size 8 straight needles.
a little kitty doudou. Its suppose to be a little 'security blanket' type toy for babies, but since my Flora is too young to grasp a toy yet, it's waiting for her on her dresser :) I tried some different stitches in this one- the body is a seed stitch and the head stockinette. It was actually quite easy and knitted up quickly.
This is actually my second sweater attempt, same pattern as my first one though. it is just a little too stiff due to my seams. all in all i find it a success though!

I absolutely adore these mittens! If i had known how much i would be using these i would ahve made tons more! These fit little babies perfectly where as store bought fabric mitts just fall right off. These are a combination on garter stitch for the body and rib stitch for the cuff. Knitted on straight needles,then sewn up the side. I left to eyelets in order to pull a ribbon through :)

matching booties :) pattern stitches are the same. These too fit better than stor bought socks, I used these continously the first week after birth but now i don't use them as much as the scratch mitts, Flora is always in those little sleepers that already have the feet covered. So usually they are sitting pretty in her nursery. These make perfect gifts and mementos so i made lots of these for pregnant friends!

Here is my first sweater attempt. the arms are too long, the body too short and the body too wide,haha. But with the sleeves rolled up it does look surprisingly darling on my little Evelyn :) This is worked in two pieces, completely garter stitch, then sewn together.

little cube/sphere like toys for Evelyn. Squares are made individually in stockinette then sewn up and stuffed. I added letters and numbers all around plus a couple little bells inside. This is suppose to be a set of three but the project got so repeative i had to move on to something new,haha. Evelyn loves to just throw and kick these around :)

-Photographed my Michele Reyes-

This shows my little Flora wearing a cocoon i made for her. This is my first project where i used circular needles and i loved it! The cocoon pretty much looks like a long beanie and you just pop the baby inside for an instant swaddle of coziness :) This one i use a thick multicolored yarn and its completely stockinette.

using the circular needles was so much fun so i made another cocoon for a friend. This time I decided to sew little flower petals up the side- a nice embellishment that would add another lovely layer of texture for a newborn photoshoot :)

Now I am working on another blanket, trying my hand at stripes and the YO technique. I will post pictures once i finish ( if i ever do with a newborn and toddler running around!)


  1. I really enjoyed this, even though I need an interpreter for the knitting lingo - but I get the idea :-) Beautiful pieces; you're very talented. Of course I love the pic of Flora in her cocoon. My fav are the memory boxes you made too.
    Momma XO

  2. Great job on the memory boxes, they are awesome. You are such a crafty person. I love the sweaters, maybe they can use them when they visit. The pics of Flora are precious and thanks for keeping us grandparents up to date on the babies:)