Friday, July 2, 2010

Flora's Crib Mobile

The Simply Shabby Chic crib bedding we are getting Flora doesn't come with a matching mobile, so i took it upon myself to make one for our little baby girl :) I really wanted a musical mobile that turned when wound up, to help lull her to sleep, so i was a little disapointed when i realized i would have to make my own mobile if i wanted it to match her nursery decor. Then i had a wonderful idea! I purchased a used mobile from a nearby children's cosignment store and decided to use the base but add my own 'touches.'
This is the mobile i found at the Children's Orchard, usually sold at $39.99 i acquired it for only $9.99. Good thing since i hacked it up!

The first thing i did was cut the pink sleeve off the arm. I purchased half a yard of a white faux silk from Joanns ($2.50) and wrapped it around the arm, tucking and adding little stiches here and there to keep it in place.
 Then to cover the 'little princess' crown sticker on the wind up, i added a layer of white acrylic paint i had laying around the house. Joann's had some '3D' metallic like stickers on clearance for $1.97 which said 'Sweet Baby' so i grabbed those to decorate with so it wouldn't be plain white.
Now i cut off the crown but left the little ribbons hanging to connect my own 'crown.' I found a floral headpiece at the Children's Orchard that was intended for dress up at only $2.99. This i hot glued to the pre existing ribbons.
I purchased a spool of thin pink ribbon that would match the preexisting ribbon on the mobile. To this ribbon i hot glued a big white rose head (i had 6 left over from a previous project, and make sure you glue petals down for the baby!), threaded a glass bead (a big bag for $3.99), made a knot towards the center of the ribbon and added another bead then hot glued that ribbon onto the headpiece. I made 6 of these.
The original mobile cam with little pink,lace covered hearts that i thought were cute so i added one to the center of the mobile. I just added a bead to the ribbon hanging from the mobile and tied the ribbon of the soft heart to it.
and VOILA! i was done :)
So i only spent $25 to make this lovely, perfectly shabby chic mobile that both matches Flora's nursery and plays a soothing lullaby. That's half of what crib mobiles usually goes for! Hooray for being thrifty and crafty ;)

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  1. Love it!!!! too cute, the flowers were a great idea. good going honey, you are such the crafter!!