Monday, March 1, 2010

Evelyn's Toddler Scarf

I crocheted a few squares for an afghan when i realized i wanted to start crocheting baby clothes instead. Little newborn hats, cozy blankets, textured rompers and cardigans danced in my mind. Not wanting to waste what i had already done, and the yarn i had to buy to make the afghan, i decided to turn the squares into a little scarf for Evelyn! She is too young for one now, but come winter time she will be 2 and ready for a darling scarf made with love. Oh goodness, i can't believe my baby girl will be two by wintertime!
obviously too big for her now, but it should be a good size for her toddler years :) She is so adorable! She just ran around with this big scarf around her neck smiling for me.

The pattern i used is from a leaflet titled 'Old Fashioned Garden.' The pattern itself is called Southern Blossoms designed by Maggie Weldon


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  2. I love this scarf picture it's precious.
    love it and my grandbaby!!

  3. oh Amanda - she is gorgeous and the scarf adds to her cuteness!! Great job; I love it!!