Sunday, February 28, 2010

Evelyn's Room

With a new addition to the family, Evelyn will be leaving her crib and nursery items behind for a brand new 'big girl' room. And mommy will give her a beautiful room :)
A picture for  Rachel Ashwell's blog, The shade of pink on the walls and duvet cover are the perfect shade of petal pink that i want to paint Evelyn's room
StorkCraft Soom Soom Toddler Bed in White
Low to the ground sleigh bed with guard rails, perfect for tiny Evelyn. It is wood, not wood composite so it should last as long as she needs it. We are going to get her a new crib mattress for her new bed, but she will keep the adorable crib bedding she has been using. I'm turning the matching curtains into pillowcases and donating the crib bumper and dust ruffle.
This is her Cottage Chic crib bedding by Tiddliwinks.

Cottage Nightstand
what a charming white nightstand to place next to Evelyn's bed! The reviews claim it to be sturdy,stable and of good quality. It will hold a little lamp to read her bedtime stories under, her Little Golden Books and of course a tiny bud vase with a precious rose :)

Simply Shabby Chic™ Crystal Candlestick Table Lamp - Tall
Elegance at an affordable price! The 'crystal' is actually acrylic so if Evelyn knocks it down, its all good :) The white shade is made of linen and the lamp has 3 brightness levels. The crystal will look absolutely darling on the white nightstand.

Her curtains will be the ones she uses now- we frequently use them as tablecloths, like we did here for her birthday. They are a thick faux silk in a dusty blue that goes well with her bedding, and does wonders to keep the sun out for her afternoon naps.

a silly picture,yes. But the little blue tv stand in the background will be in Evelyn's room holding her own small tv with dvd player to watch her beloved Beatrice Potter and Little Einsteins dvds. We aren't a big 'tv' family, we don't own any kind of cable/satelitte. But i know when the new baby comes it will be a nice 'breather' to have Evelyn entertained as i breastfeed for hours on end again!

Cottage Cubbie Bookcase - White
 perfect to hide toys in the petal pink bins and display books,stuffed toys and knick knacks in the open cubbies. Matches the nightstand.

Cottage Dresser
I orginally wanted to get a 3drawer dresser so it would be shorter for Evelyn,but all the ones i found were of poor quality (wood composite) so i decided to get this Cottage set that i know will last her awhile! Each drawer will hold an assortment of tiny socks,bonnets,blankets,shorts,pajamas and all the toddler esssentials. i plan on using the highest drawer to my advantage to hold her keepsakes in. The top will display photos of her family,her piggy bank and other treasures she has gathered the past year.

4-Bulb Flower Chandelier - Pink
At a reasonable price, this chandelier will add a touch of whimsy to her room. The chandelier is actually white with tiny pink plastic crystals.Chandeliers always add something special to a room :)

A dreamy room of pink,white and blue. Perfect for our precious Evelyn.

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