Monday, February 8, 2010

Romantic Bun

Flipping through the Feburary 2009 issue of Allure (i was sent the wrong year by mistake) i came across a hair style that looked promising and now i have been wearing it for the past two days. The stlye is to take soft waves into a tousled bun  for a look that is described "as if the hair had been neatly pulled back,but then the girl went running through the fields" says hair stylist Odile Gilbert. i read that a i pictured myself as a character from a Jane Austen book and that is exactly how i feel wearing the style, now who doesn't want to feel like that?
"First using a one inch barrel curling iron, create big sensuous waves by holing it vertically and working two inch wide sections at a time. Hold only the center of the hair, not the roots or end, for about 5 seconds around the barrel. Any longer and the curls will be too tight. Once all the hair is curled, flip your head over and tousle the waves around.
Now that you have soft waves, gather the hair loosely at the nape of the neck,twist it around once so the bun drapes low, then haphazardly stick long bobby pins into the bun to secure it. Don't use an elastic band because the style will become too tight. A few pieces hanging is perfect."
(all of this info has been adapted from Allures piece called Soft Focus featuring hairstylist Gilbert)
So i followed all the steps and absolutely love the outcome. I think my bun is a little more structured, just because there arent random pieces hanging loose, but by the end of the day, my hair looks romantically messy.


  1. This is beautiful on you! good job :-) I especially like it with your new hair color.

  2. love the messy bun, at the nape of the neck. You use to wear this bun at the top of your head back in highschool and it always looked romantic. love the look :)

  3. i did use to wear it like that, but i used a million bobby pins! This only takes 6 :)