Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dewy skin: romantic and fresh

i have always preferred the fresh,angelic look of dewy,radiant skin. Unless one is naturally gifted  with such a complexion,it can be quite tricky to achieve. After much research on what type of makeup one should use then what brands are best, i have compiled a list of drugstore make-up products that will give you a radiant,dewy complexion. Its the runway model look,for alot less!
First of all it is a combination of product and  application to make one look fresh,not greasy. After a washed face apply a tinted moisturizer. It is important to use a tinted moisturizer rather than a foundation because a foundation has too much coverage and will leave a matte base whereas you want a non matte base. Personally, i have created my own tinted moisturizer 'concoction.' I use two squirts of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer (the yellow one) and a dollop of a clinique foundation i have. I also combine one squirt of Boots No 7 High Lights Illuminating Lotion. So i combine these three liquids in my palm and apply it with my fingers into my face. Use your fingers,not a sponge because the heat from your fingers applies better. The combination of the tinted moisturizer and highlighter is buildable. Once i have applied it evenly, i go back to some trouble spots and tap more on. You are left with a face that is noticeablly brighter and even but doesn't look like you have a drop of makeup on. Now i use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Bright Eye Perfector  to cover up my dark undereye cirlces and i apply it to my eyelids to even out and to use as a primer. This stuff really works! Instantly my eyes are brighter and i look more awake,refreshed. Now for eyes use creme shadows- this really adds to a radiant,dewy complexion, powders just will not give you what you are looking for. Use Revlon's Illuminance Creme Shadows in Not Just Nudes. These creme shadows have won an Allure Beauty award, so you know they're good. With the primer i use i dont experience creasing and the natural bronze like tones really contour and highlight the eyes giving a lovely natural look. The cremes blend  beautifully together, i use the medium shade 'brown' all over my eyelid up to the brow bone, the darker bronze over just the eyelid  and the 'white' right under my eyebrows and right above them to really give a nice 'lift' to the face. Now i apply Smashbox Creme Eyeliner in Midnight Brown with an angled eyeliner brush just to the upper lid, creating a subtle 'wing' at the end. This eyeliner,along with the moisturizer and foundation are items i've already had in my makeup bag before i went to the drugstore to get all these new items. I've always liked how smooth and easy the application is so i never saw a reason to buy new. But buy brown! Black would be too dark for the natural look you are going for. After using an eyelash curler, use The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara in Glam Black. I've always been big on getting the more expensive mascaras, since this is a beauty item a lady wears daily if nothing else but after spending only $6 on this mascaras i'm never going back to paying $13! This mascara has won the Allure Beauty Award, so again, you know its good! After applying,  my lashes look thick,long and seperated and i swear when  i bat my lashes i can feel them touch my brow bone! This mascara really coats every inch.Once the eyes are done it is time to move onto the eyebrows. Now i know alot of women totally bypass this step think plucking/waxing is enough. It is not enough. Groomed,polished eyebrows really sink or swim a look. If you include this step just once in your makeup routine, i gurantee you will notice a difference! Using Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow brush out your brows. This will keep those pesky long hair from jutting out randomly duringthe day and will maintain the shapes of your brows. Let dry a little, you still want your brows to be a little 'damp' for this next step (it helps the blending) apply Maybelline Ultra Brow Brush On Color to your brows with the supplied mini brush. I prefer the brush on color to the pencils because i believe pencils can look to 'sharp' and defined whereas the brush on color looks more natural. This will fill in your brows, excentuate your arch and give your brows a naturally polished look. Please do not over see  this step! Almost done :) Previous to my drugstore  buys i already had a baked blush/bronzer combo by Laura Geller, so i just sweep that across my cheekbones to my cheeks,over my nose,lightly on the chin and in a 3 like motion on my forehead over my brows. A blush/bronzer combo will give you a beautiful color and  help highlight your bone structure-it really is the icing to the look! Apply your favorite lipbalm and nude lipcolor- i love Burts Bees Lipbalm and Positano#91 by Chanel. Now you are ready to go! If you really want to add a kick to your radiance (I do!)  spray your face with the Radiance Mist by Sephora. After many makeup experiments, i  am finally happy with the contents of my makeup bag and LOVE the look :)
Radiant,Fresh and Natural looking


  1. You are such a BEAUTY !! you did a great job hunting down the best makeup for yourself. Don't you feel good about the amount you spent ?? (of course the Chanel lipstick was a must )

  2. yeah it took my like two days to get all the info i needed but i'm so glad i only spend $45 at Target! and i like the look better then when i walked away from the chanel counter :)