Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coffee Press Cozy

 Recently I have become the proud owner of a coffee press. I had my first french press experience at a local coffee shop, Sambalatte, and had instantly fallen in love with the rich flavor and clean finish of my coffee. I immediately purchased a press of my own and a fresh bag of whole beans to recreate the Sambalatte experience. Once home, I quietly unplugged the Keuriug and as stealthy as I could, carried the hunky thing to the top shelf of my pantry,  hoping my husband wouldn't notice. The Keurig was a birthday present and I din't want to get the eye from a gift giver.
He did notice. And I got the eye.
But! I offered him a cup of the most delicious coffee as a peace offering and I think that made it better.

After a few mornings I realized that though the french press made yummy coffee, it became cold way too fast. I am a notorious slow coffee drinker though, so perhaps it is my fault and not the press's fault at all, but alas, I took this little problem and ran with it. 
"I know what this press needs, a sweater!"
of course.

 After perusing Ravelry I came across a pattern that I not only loved, but used a knitting technique that I had never done before. And I am all for learning new things. The technique is called Mosaic knitting and it is a style of colorwork that uses two colors, but you only hold one strand at a time- like knitting stripes. Unlike Fair Isle for example, where you hold two or more strands across a row- a knitting trick I have yet to try. This introductory colorwork technique was perfect for this small project and helped give me a little confidence to try my hand at more complex colorwork.

Pattern: Mosaic Tea Press Cozy by Tonya Raworth
Yarn: scrap of Noro Kureyon
Buttons: salvaged from an old shirt

Speaking of scraps of Noro, I thought I'd share my progress on the Noro Hexagon Blanket I've been slowly working on in between projects.

isn't she lovely.

I'd love to see what you have recently finished knitting, so feel free to share a link in the comments below!
I've actually been a very busy knitting bee so I have a few more projects to share, but those projects deserve their own post I think.



  1. Absolutely love the sweater, Amanda! Perfection. Colors and pattern, you dare knitter :)

    Have a wonderful weekend,


    1. Thanks Maaike!It has been awhile between this post and my last, but sweet comments like yours always motivate me to keep up with my blog :)


  2. Love the cozy!! Hurry up with that blanket, it's cold up here in Ohio:)

    1. haha! maybe i'll just save it to work on in Ohio- I always get too hot under the blanket working on it here.