Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chilly days

The weather is finally cooling down and since I refuse to turn the heater on, the girlies and I have been enjoying some 'bundled up' time- which is very rare here. 
I've thoroughly enjoyed waking up to a chilly room, wrapping myself tighter in my blankets. The feel of the cold tile on my feet. The squeals of the girls as they jump on the couch with me to cuddle. We've been drinking hot chocolate and tea. We've been wearing sweaters,cardigans and shawls. Its November and it is finally starting to feel like Autumn here in Nevada. 

Our previously mentioned Autumn Roadtrip is right around the corner- we will be leaving early morning this Sunday for our drive to Big Bear Lake,CA. Plans have changed though (as they always do) and we've decided to rent a cabin in the mountains and spend a couple days hiking,fishing,making smores and cuddling in front of a fireplace- compared to the original plan I wrote about here

So i'm off to do some laundry and pack our bags in anticipation for our family vacation.



  1. What adorable pictures! They feel so clean & bright. : )

  2. Cute pics of the grandbabies and flora's teacup is fancy!!

    1. She got it for Christmas last year-- it was Casey's grandmother's