Thursday, September 20, 2012

a day for butterflies

The weather was a little cooler this morning (only 90degrees) and there was a slight breeze in the air. So I took the girls to the field in our neighborhood for some butterfly catching and bird watching. There wasn't any hummingbirds today like usual but there were tons of little butterflies, all floating an inch above the grass. The girls had a blast running through the field, as the butterflies scattered up around their feet and flew away.

Eventually we had to walk home, once the need to go potty became stronger than the need to catch butterflies. After a snack of white grape juice and apples, we got to coloring. I brought out an Eric Carle book, to show the girls an artist's depiction of a butterfly, and they got to work coloring their own 'artistic' depiction.

It was a fun morning indeed. Now the girls are napping, and when they wake up I plan on making them a yummy pasta with some garden fresh tomatoes my dear friend gave me. Oh, and some salsa! She also gave me lots of peppers. Hooray for good friends and butterflies.



  1. I love Flora's popped collar on her denim jacket. And we need to do some pictures soon :)

    1. haha, i didn't even realize it was popped- I was too smitten with her bouncing HAIR, she actually has hair now, I feel like just yesterday she was near bald. and YES, lets schedule a photo shoot for you and the hubs. text me with where you want to go :)

  2. Sounds like tons of fun!!! I miss those girlies:)