Monday, January 23, 2012


Happy Monday! Today is usually my DIY day, but I am actually sharing this week's DIY on the Oana Befort blog! So be sure to shimmy on over to check out my guest post- where I share how to create your own 'modern art' print out of paint swatches. 

So instead, I will be sharing my 'Shenanigans' post- stories of all the craziness this family has taken part in this past week....

 the girls bathing, which has nothing to do with the story.
but Flora's face makes me laugh.
 Our refrigerator broke. kind of. Late afternoon I opened the freezer and a waterfall splashed down on my feet- leaving my slippers soaked and my mouth agape, staring at the melted ice and warm food I'd been preserving. Checking the thermostat, our freezer was 36 degrees and our fridge turned out to 50. Oooooh boy. So in attempt to save the food in our fridge, I transferred everything over into the freezer- which was actually the perfect 'fridge' temperature. So there I am moving warm yogurt and milk into the freezer, Flora and Evelyn are dancing in the puddle that has swelled around my feet, and the dogs are fighting to lap up the water. It was quite a scene. Well everything did not fit in the now the girls are at the table with plates full of food. Fruit,veggies,cheeses, tall glasses of milk... the girls are in heaven,dancing in their chairs humming, while they eat portion sizes that I'm not proud of. During all this I still didn't think to actually remove the melting ice from the freezer, so water is still pooling in the kitchen. About an hour later, the girls are full, the freezer is full, and I've finally dumped the last of the ice. Mission completed.
Not really. The next morning I come downstairs and open the freezer to get breakfast ready. And it is empty. and it is freezing in there with fresh ice. I open the fridge, and all the food is back in the fridge. and the temperatures are back to normal. This can only be the work of the elusive husband who sleeps during the day and works at night. My moment of "oh yeah! its fix!" triumph ended abruptly when  i realized that everything in the fridge is FROZEN. The milk,yogurt,radishes,carrots... everything is frozen solid or has terrible freezer burn. Ruined. After a chat with the hubby, it turns out the fridge just kind of...went back to normal, and when Casey was about to leave for work, he moved everything back in the fridge once he saw the freezer temp was at 0. Sooo.... THAT was a fiasco which ended in an all too soon trip to the grocery store. and has me looking up reviews for a new fridge.



  1. Amanda,

    My fridge does that too, however, after paying a fridge tech to come look at it, we found out that if the fridge is too close to the wall or there is a lot of dust back there, it will over heat and make the temps so up. So now, we dust behind the fridge and have moved it forward from the wall. Presto, all is better within an hour....

    Just thought I'd share!

  2. I'm definitely going to try that! I'll just need someone to pull the fridge from the wall for me and I'm going to go to town with a broom and duster! Thanks for the tip :)