Sunday, January 15, 2012

old name// new series

As y'all can see the blog has had a little (big?) makeover. I threw away the Urchin Knits name and went back to the original Folklure name. So if you've been reading my blog for awhile, this name is nothing new- but if you are a new reader (thanks for stopping by :) it might be a little confusing. Basically I'm as flaky as a croissant and decided that I actually don't like the name Urchin Knits and I actually liked, I plan on reopening my Folklure etsy shop in the near future :)

Well, moving on past the obligatory explanation... I am very excited for a new 'series' on the blog. 1 day a week i'll be sharing the funny,random stuff my little girls do. Seriously, these girls crack me up on a daily basis but my memory is soooo bad I totally forget these memories in a week -_- so this is my attempt to help preserve the shenanigans of their youth, and hopefully spread some laughs!

no better time to start than the present so here we go...

This past week Flora has been the star of her own show, a circus show probably, as she has been very daring and acrobatic. I would walk out of the bathroom and bam- there she is standing on the morning room table with my ceramic mug in her hand. I walk downstairs from hanging up laundry and there she is again, standing on the large dining room table doing little baby squats to whatever song is playing in her head.I'm telling you, in less than a second this girl will find the highest ledge possible and mountain goat her way up it.

speaking of goat, here is a little story that has nothing to do with a goat. We went to Hash House A Go Go yesterday for breakfast *SO GOOD!* and Flora brought a little plastic horse friend to share the experience with. and my water with. She kept dunking the horse into my glass like it was some kind of tea biscuit and sucking its head dry. So i'm very proud to say that not only can she lead a horse to water, but she can make it drink as well ;) oh wait, i have another one- she was so hungry she could eat a horse! (slap knee now)

Now, one last tidbit that isn't funny, but oh so sweet! Evelyn said, "I love you Mommy" for the first time yesterday!!! For some reason for the past three years she has hasn't felt the urge to say I love you, but I guess sharing my bowl of macaroni with her sparked something inside. After many hugs and kisses, she kept laying on the butter following her "i love you mommy"s with "you're pretty mommy" awwwwww! and she's all mine to cuddle and hold.



  1. Oh my, your little girls are so so adorable!! I can't wait for my little one to start talking with me "real" words! :)

  2. Folklure is awesome. Thanks for the stories.