Thursday, January 26, 2012

GUEST POST // Sandi of AdaLou Vintage

Good Morning! I'm very happy to introduce my blogger friend Sandi, she will be sharing a curated list of her 'Winter Favorites' with y'all today! Enjoy!


Hi Folkure readers this is Sandi from the AdaLou blog and I was stopping by today to say hello and share a few of my Winter favorites. I love the winters. The cold crisp weather, the snow (though we haven't had any yet) an fact that I can dress in warm sweaters, gloves and boots. I'm always searching for inspiration and I hope you'll like my "Winter Favorites" which are all things I'd surely love to add to my personal collection.

The Wellies (No.5) are absolutely fabulous don't cha think? I think we all need a pair. So what items do you love to wear during the winter months? Thanks again Amanda for having me here today and if you'd like to see more of my daily inspiration swing by the blog to say hello. 
xo :) s