Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free Christmas Decor// this is how i DIY

This year is the first year I will be 'hosting' Christmas- the In-Laws will be coming into town and I am more than excited to share my home! Quality family time gathered around the tree, comfort food in our bellies and enjoying the simple pleasures the holiday season brings. 

Unfortunately, with this being my first year hosting Christmas, I have little to no Christmas decor :/ At the young age of 21, I've never held 'Christmas decorations' at the top of my priority lists previous seasons as I'm the one usually flying home! But this year i MUST decorate- it would be a very lame Christmas for everyone otherwise. So in an attempt to be frugal, I've decided to go the DIY route, but not the "spend $100 at JoAnns and come home to craft" way; I'm only going to use supplies I have around the house. At least, try.

So here are the first little projects I've tackled: a humble centerpiece and a glittering garland

The garland you see in the background of this picture was easy peasy to make- I simply cut cream wool felt 
into varying circular sizes, dipped them in glitter ( no need for glue, the texture of wool grabs the glitter well) and sewed them together with thread. Nailing the garland to the wall with a couple faux pink poinsettias added a nice Christmas touch :)

Here is the chicken wire tree tutorial I used to make these uber-simple centerpiece trees- and yes, I has chicken wire randomly laying around my house...

My favorite touch to the humble centerpiece are the bowls of glittered yarn balls! I love the simplicity of round Christmas tree ornaments in bowls, but I have a lack of ornaments,yet a plethora of yarn. So I decided to wind some white and grey yarn into balls, sprinkled fine glitter over them, and pile them into some 'thrift store' bowls I had.

Well I hope I've inspired y'all to pinch your pennies and get creative :)


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