Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

I'm sure everyone had a wonderful Christmas, what's not to enjoy? I took sooo many photos this past week it was hard not to go image overload! So I decided to just share glimpses into our Christmas morning and assume my readers really don't care about the other pictures...or are just plain tired of them. You know, the 'baking cookies' 'helping mommy cook' 'look at my dinner table' 'baby cuddling with relatives'....those. i'm sure you all have your own and have seen these series of photos on everyone's FB wall- so i'll spare you. Just know that yes, my family did all that too ;)

We got the girls a wooden kitchen of their own this year- YAY! - so the 'theme' was all things kitchen/food. They got a blender,toaster,kettle,tea set,pots/pans, tons of food...basically their pretend kitchen is more decked out than our own! Aside from a plethora of wooden food, they got lots of great books and puzzles too, so they are set for life. or, at least this year ;) 



  1. So adorable. I love the puppy in the pictures too. So sweet. xo, rv


  2. It's the year of the kitchens ;) Jess got one too. Looks like they are enjoying the new toy.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!