Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sista Sista

This past week I have been very quiet in the 'internet' department. No new blog post,tweets or fb statuses. I always get quiet online when things get uber fun at home- who has time to blog when you're spraying coke out of your nose? i sure don't. 

This past week, my darling, fun,amazing sister Sabrina came into town for Thanksgiving and we had a BLAST. laughing and eating too much, a 3 day shopping spree ( I live down the road from the largest Forever 21 in America, ooohhh yeah ) playing with the girls, late night movies, and intense games of checkers and mancala.... it was a wonderful week indeed.

I'd share some yummy looking picks of all the homemade food I slaved over for Thanksgiving, but we actually went to a huge buffet in the Aria Casino instead. All the gorge without the cooking or clean-up ;) We had a Vegas style Thanksgiving indeed.


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  1. How fun, Vegas style Thanksgiving. Great picture:)