Wednesday, October 26, 2011


// FINALLY finished my herringbone cowl! I'll have more pics and details in a later post...prob Friday
//The girls reading all by themselves. Makes a mama proud.
//Mama reading all by herself- just as rare. (usually i have my fan club all up on me, aka, babies and Pip)
//Pip got some new savvy bowls
// I won a giveaway over at the Paul&Paula blog and won this adorable Once Around The Sun necklace!
//Daddy love. He's been working nights and sleeping during the day so seeing him is very special
//Pozole. Bringing back a childhood favorite. 
//The most adorable dog toy EVER. 
//Evelyn and I made dolls and a dollhouse yesterday :) Pics and details to come tomorrow! It was pretty fun.


  1. you are a very busy lady, great pics.

  2. good job on the cowl! oh, don't you savor those moments as a mom when you can actually sit down and read?? i feel like those moments are almost extinct!