Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Shop is OPEN!

If you follow me on twitter you already know this, but if not....the Urchin Knits shop is open!
I was originally planning on waiting to open it till I had a larger stock, as the shop is currently carrying one puny item, but with October ads and sponsorship around the corner, I wanted the shop to be open so I could start the advertisement process. As of now, Urchin Knits is carrying the lilac bow barrettes I had a poll on last week. (Thank you to all those who spared a second to share their opinion!) Though I didn't get too much feedback, the feedback I did receive was positive, so I decided to carry these barrettes in shop. The barrettes will be carried in 5 other colors so your wild child's favorite color is bound to be offered.

These barrettes are just the side show to the main event of the shop, but as knitting is time consuming and I am special ordering the yarn, (it is really awesome yarn. be stoked people.) I won't have my piece de resistance up for a couple weeks. And you'll just have to wait to know what it is ;)

Now I know a lot of my readers have shops of their own, so I'd like to ask for some opinions/advice- where do you stand on the whole Big Cartel vs Etsy? 

Currently I have opened my shop on both. I used Big Cartel as I personally feel it looks more professional and is easier to shop with. This is the shop all my ads and links will connect to. But I've opened one on Etsy as well, since I know there is a huge fan base there, and it might be easier to come across my items at that centralized marketplace, then just through ads on blogs.
Is anyone else using both? and has it been beneficial?
or should I focus on promoting one link/url/shop?

I would love to hear you opinion and input on this!


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  1. congrats shop owner!!

    (am not a shop owner so have no great advice bout etsy vs big cartel am 'fraid.)