Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Decor Aint'ing

I'd like to say that since I've moved into the new house I've been unpacking,organizing and decorating. But unfortunately I cannot. I've been doing diddly squat. ok, maybe not DIDDLY squat, just squat-Because I have been taking little steps in the decor direction. So here is the low down on the decor progress of my home...

*I ordered some prints to start off my 'art wall', which will be in the front room over that killer sofa I bragged about in a previous post.

y'all might recognize these prints from a post I did on what pieces I wanted to include on my art wall- i wasn't bluffing :)

* Its not really 'decorating' but i'm pretty happy about some housewarming presents my mama has been sending me

vintage dishes and yummy organic soaps. There is another milkglass bowl, and a matching mint green plate, but of course i've already used them and they are in the dishwasher :)

* I've started knitting a pouf/ottoman for the living room

I'm using the Puff Daddy pattern by Pickles. For more info on what yarn/needles i'm using, check out my project page.

*We are slowly but surely getting curtains for all the windows. We want a uniformed look throughout the house, so we are just going to get a bunch of the same ones. So far we've grabbed three faux silk panels in a gorgeous olive green (that matches our rug nicely)

* Organizing the playroom

hanging up dress-up accessories for easy access... the closet came with a shelf unit, so we've organized all the toys into bins. Now we can just close the closet door if it becomes cluttered and room is free to roll around and play in. And I feel the bookshelf is 'lacking', so last night I enrolled Evelyn in the Children's Book-of-the-Month Club. I ordered 8 books last night and saved A TON. Now every month I plan on getting her 1-3 stellar new books :) 

And that's about it. We still have boxes we need to unpack, pictures to hang, and just so much more....
I'm going to start decorating more fervently, focusing on one room at a time. I think i'm going to start with the playroom (since it is so fun to decorate!) and I will definitely share a room tour once I'm done :)



  1. Lovely prints!! Can't wait to see the playroom :)

  2. The prints are cute, they do remind me of the girls. I have to say that those knitting needles are huge and that yarn is thick! Can't wait to see the finished project. The playroom is looking awesome, the shelves in the closet are nice to have. Keep up the good work:)