Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Memories

I'm back! It has been awhile since my last post, so i'm happy to be getting back into the 'blog' swing of things. As some of you know, Evelyn,Flora and I have spent the past month in Ohio with my family, which was absolutely fun with so many cherished memories. But such a time away from home and hubby wrecks havoc on one's routine so its taken me a good two weeks to get back into the groooove of things. On the other hand, one of the best things about returning from a trip is the ability to see your home and routine in a fresh perspective. So I've been spending less time on my blog and shop, and more time cleaning,cooking and playing with my girls- I'm sure you all see the "duh" moment in this comment ;) Life is about balance though, so I don't want to give my blog and Etsy shop up entirely, just practice moderation- which is a lot harder then it may sound! i'm sure other bloggers/ shop owners can relate.

So I thought i'd start off by sharing some photos of my vacation. I hope y'all enjoy a glimpse into my summer fun!

 Next post I'll be sharing photos from Flora's !FIRST BIRTHDAY! along with a list of best gifts for your one year old :)

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  1. love all the memories!!! such fun and can't wait until we are all together again.
    -love, mommee