Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reality Check- bikinis aren't flattering on this mama

After romping around this summer in a bikini with my 'perfect body,could be a Victoria Secret model' sister, I realized that my husband lied to me. 

"Do I look good in my bikini, baby?"

"Of course you do! Wear a cover-up if you end up going to the beach though, I wouldn't want tons of guys checking you out" He said with a wink and a kiss.

But as I flipped through photos of me in my bikini, it took all my restrain not to drop to my knees and scream,


I'm surrounded by liars I thought. My husband, my bathroom mirror... I didn't realize how much of a "mom of two" I looked like until I saw horrid full body photos of me smiling naively with a first trimester pooch.... a year after having baby. And I won't even talk about the cellulite and stretchmarks. Don't make me go there ladies! At first, I vainly wanted to cry. I'm sure many moms have that 'reality check' moment when they realize they aren't hot little numbers anymore. But i'm sure it hits moms like me a little harder- and when I say "moms like me" I mean 21 year old mamas who went from twiggy 18yr old to a frumpy mom at 21...those young mamas that never had that 'prime' moment. the usual sexy, early 20's body, is replaced with... well you get the picture.

So with a new determination to work out and to burn my bikinis, I've set out to find a one-piece that is both flattering on a post-baby body and that has a slight sex appeal. This way it will look like i bought the bathing suit because it was so dang cute- not because I actually needed it ;)

Tulle underwire tank

Tulle underwire tank

Inspired by vintage French swimwear, this sophisticated yet sexy bathing suit has a ruched, tulle overlay across the bodice. This unique,feminine touch adds both shape and coverage, which means it camouflages your mommy pooch, creating a flattering silhouette. And don't worry about the tulle getting ruined in the water or the washing machine- it won't. The tulle blend holds its shape and dries fast. The cups have underwire for added support and the straps are removable as well. oh, FYI, J.crew is offering 30% off swimwear ;) 


  1. Haha, this mama just bought a bikini top but I choose to keep my bottom half under a wrap. Love that one piece you featured, it's so cute.

  2. Don't punish yourself, love your body! I understand how you feel and the only solution i have found for myself is exercise. Any time you can, for as long as you can. I am sure you look beautiful although not the same as you were in your late teens but... ah, that's life, we really cannot keep our bodies from the time we most liked them. The thing we can though is to adapt and to learn how to keep healthy!

  3. That is a beautiful one piece! I'm sure your husband really thinks you look beautiful, most of the time we're the only ones who think we don't look good! What's important is that you feel good :)

  4. I hear you! And I think it *is* harder to be all stretch-marked and flabby when your pals are running around like blemish-free stick insects (as is more likely to happen when you're younger) than when you're older and time and age are starting to show on more people. That was exactly my experience too when I had my first wee bub at 19. This time it's a little less traumatic :)
    Glad to find your blog!