Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let the Furniture Shopping Begin

Now that my family is moving up in the world and has left apartment living behind, we are excited with the prospect of more space to live in and enjoy. And more space, means more furniture shopping for this lady! 

Hello Craigslist, my name is Amanda and I will be stalking your Las Vegas listings.

Only 1 day in the house and I've already hit the jackpot! I came across an AMAZING mid century sofa for our loft area. We want to make it into a reading room setting, so a large bookcase is in order- but for now this cozy sitting area will most definitely do :)

 Here is an up close shot of the gorgeous upholstery, a raised floral pattern in hues of blues and greens with a backdrop of linen. And I've already snuggled in it while the girls where napping- getting my knit on ;) 

Not only did we snatch the sofa, but we bought this awesome retro Magnavox record console from the same lady; who has a pretty incredible house may I add. The record player/speakers don't work anymore so we are using it as a TV stand, snazzy eh?

well i'm off to find a bookshelf and dining room table



  1. ♥ it sofa.... is really beautiful, how lucky to find it!

  2. I'm so glad the pieces worked out. They look amazing!! It was such a pleasure meeting you and your adorable little crew. Let me know if you need anything else and I will keep you posted on our "store".... ** Fingers crossed hoping **

  3. I LOVE THAT COUCH! It is sooooooo you! I got my cute black ikea sofa on craigslist, too - saved hundreds!

  4. YOU LUCKY DUCK!! that couch and record stand are amazing!

  5. That is the best couch I have ever seen! So beautiful! And so perfect for you! And it's so big so you can sprawl out on it and not be smushed! Wow, you have such an incredible cute space!

  6. that sofa is amazing! so perfect! I am so excited to have a house someday as we're doing the apartment living for now too.