Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good Morning

To-Do Today


Drop off old baby items at the Children's Orchard for cosignment

Stop by post office to mail a Folklure order off



Not a glamorous day, though I am very excited for the girls' weekly playdate. I've been meeting with my good friend and her adorable kiddos every Tuesday since Evelyn was 9 months old. Nothing like watching childhood friendships grow :)

on another note....

We are moving into our new house tomorrow!!!
So it will either get quiet here on the 'ole blog during the moving process, or possibly the exact opposite.
as in tons and tons and tons of pictures of the new house.

So what are your To-Do lists for the day?



So i didn't get to go over to my friend's house. I used a new face wash and of course I had an allergic reaction to it. My face swelled up, turned a lovely shade of tomato red and started to burn and itch like crazy. Not knowing what the heck I was suppose to do in this scenario, i rushed over to the E.R only for them to say, "Aloe Vera" and wave me off like a bothersome fly. Well now I'm sitting her with Aloe Vera gel smothered on my face along with an ice pack wedged between my shoulder and burning cheek.ugh...

update update:

....and it turns out we ARE NOT moving into our new house tomorrow. double ugh.


  1. so exciting! make sure you put some pictures on here so we can see your wonderful decorating!

  2. so sorry mama! i hope your day gets better!

  3. I'm often allergic to facial products so I understand your pain. I usually just stick to what I know.

  4. Boo re: the update. Hope your face feels better! Tomorrow is sure to be a better day :)