Monday, August 8, 2011

1-Year-Old Gift Guide

In celebration of Flora's birthday, I thought i'd share a list of the best age appropriate gifts for your 1 year old! I found this list on and it helped me find toys that are not only fun, but are sure to help your little one's development as well. 

Push Toy

Stacking Toy

Picture of Haba Stack Jack Jester

Shape Sorter

Musical Instruments

Bath Toy

Dunck Bath Toys by Skip Hop: Product Image

Peg Toy

Pound-a-Peg by Melissa & Doug: Product Image


Classic Alphabet Blocks by Lindenwood: Product Image

Board Book

Cover Image

Pull Toy

Pulling Ducky Duck - 3578 by Haba: Product Image


Roly Poly Balls by Jack Rabbit: Product Image

Well I hope you enjoy this little gift guide! Be sure to check out the link to read up on why experts believe these toys to be so awesome :)


  1. i love that gator toy! there was a similar one in a local toy shop and lilly loved it!

  2. wooden blocks are always a winner!