Friday, July 8, 2011

Feature Friday ~ Damsel of Dainty

Gooooooood Morning All! It is that time of the week again, Feature Friday :)
Today's featured artist is Inge of Damsel of Dainty, a charming Etsy shop based in the Netherlands with delicate jewelry full of whimsy. Fairytale inspired charms, draping chains and reworked lace are just some of the aspects of Inge's beautiful designs. Without further adieu, Welcome Inge!

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?
Creative Quirky Restless Sincere Dreamer.

Pretty Little Silver Hoop and Leaf Earrings "Keep Guard"

                                        Tell us a little bit about your Etsy shop, Damsel of Dainty

My shop is full of unique vintage inspired handmade jewelry. It's a place I love and that hopefully offers as much to its visitors as it does to me.

White Ribbon and Magnesite Necklace "Snow White Wonder"

What inspires your pieces?

Magical tales of times gone by play a big part in my creative process.  I like to create a story around my pieces, a certain mood, an imaginary dreamland to where my jewelry can take you. Nature inspires me to no end. It's the starting point of every shape and every pattern and it's fascinating. It's also what brings peace to my restless mind.

Ivory and Champagne Foliage Lace Bracelet "Sweet Bay"

Share one vintage and one handmade item currently on your etsy wishlist!

THE ASTRAL - fine wool gauze scarf

That is my favorite color palette. So gorgeous.

Vintage Marcasite Ring Silver Sterling

This ring reminds me of a ring I had when I was a kid.

and just for fun, what is your favorite flavor of coffee? (or tea if you don't drink coffee)

I don't drink coffee, but I drink a lot of tea. My current favorites are Green Jasmine and Green Chai. I also love flower blend teas (with camomile, rose, lavender, marigold and cornflower), they're light and perfect for Summer!

Antiqued Brass and Silver Chain Bracelet with Butterfly Charm "Farewell Flutter"

Thank you Inge!
Sweet Inge has offered a 10% off discount to readers with the coupon code: 'Folklure'
So be sure to check out Damsel of Dainty to find your favorite piece!

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  1. love it! It is always nice to get to know of my favorite ladies a bit better. I love those teas too! Maybe I will hop on over to the Netherlands and we can have tea on your patio Inge:)