Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Matryoshka Doll Row Counters

 I have officially found the cutest row counters. Ever. 
Sure I could use 'ole paper and pen to keep those, "oh crap, what row am I on again?!" moments away, but why would I when I could use these matryoshka doll row counters! In vibrant shades of aqua, green and red, its hard not to pick up my needles and hurry through stitches just to turn the number dial on their belly :)

They look very cozy in their new home...

I purchased these cuties from Remmers Row Counter, an Etsy shop based in Germany, full of quirky row counters. From owls to burgers, you are bound to find an unique piece in this shop!


  1. Cute! You are sooo organized! My organization consists of tote bags, a giant plastic tub, and various containers, lol.