Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jill of all Trades

I like to think of myself as a pretty crafty person, but there are lots of craft mediums that i have never tried before! so here are the inspirations that have me itching to branch out and try new things.

i want to make...

a quilt!
I don't have a sewing machine so i would have to hand sew everything...seems daunting. I'll be visiting Mimi next month and you know she has one! so maybe we will can make a quilt together,just like the Granny Square blanket we've been making together :) oh how i love mother daughter projects...

an embroidery sampler!
This project looks a little advances for a newbie, but it is absolutely :gorgeous: I'm sure I could do if I took the time to practice the stitches used

Aren't these felted matryoshka nesting dolls just ADORABLE?! I've never felted anything before, so this looks like the perfect project to push me to try it. And to try out my embroidery skills i will gain from the above sampler ;) I'm thinking of making these for Flora's first birthday present. WOW. She's going to be one soon! 

Well on that note, i'm off to hold my baby,while she's still a baby.


  1. Oh they are all beautiful. Especially the nesting dolls. Makes me want to try new mediums too!

  2. Lol - this sounds like me. They are so many craft mediums I want to try.

    I've been saving my children's clothing. Once I have enough saved I plan on making them patchwork quilts like the first photo. A little keepsake that they'll always have (hopefully!) of their childhood.

  3. I want to make a quilt too! I just have no idea what I'm doing so I'm scared to try it! And oh my gosh those nesting dolls are ADORABLE! I neeed those.

  4. Oh, patchwork is so exciting to me too, though I have never tried it... I have so far kept strictly to knitting and crocheting and maybe I will warm to sewing as well, who knows.
    By the way, I posted one of my crocheted pillows in my etsy shop if you would care to see it :)

  5. I like that sampler. it's beautiful. I want to try to make that except i've never quite got the hang of crewel work. Maybe we can change it into a cross stitch pattern, now that I can do:)