Monday, May 9, 2011

Drum Roll Please...

This is a poem that was featured in Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Interiors book- i just adore it so i though i'd share it with you for Mother's Day :)

I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day! I know i did. Casey took us all out for breakfast at Hash House a Go Go and we ate way too much food,haha. Evelyn was the star of the show of course, dancing and crab walking to the restaurant's music. yes crab walking. i don't know where she learned to do that *cough cough* and little Flora was SO well behaved- very content eating food off our plates :)

For my present, Casey got me this AMAZING,BEAUTIFUL,PERFECT gift!

The bracelet is made from two vintage silverplate spoons from 1949, specifically from '1881 Rogers/Oneida'
He ordered the bracelet off Etsy, (My hubby knows where i love to shop!) from this boutique:
Engraved with my babies' names i squealed in delight when he put in on my wrist!
it is definatly one of my favorite pieces of jewelry,right up there with my wedding bands.
I also got my mom, who i like to call Mimi, a piece of jewelry too.
 more exactly, i made her a piece of jewelry :)

I finished this Golden Abstract Butterfly Pendant for her yesterday ( i know. im late. as my mama she understands this flaw of mine) She really likes the Abstract Butterfly Pendant i have for sale in my shop,so i remade it in a gold/champagne color theme i know she will LOVE! I was so excited i spoiled the surprise and showed her pics yesterday, i can't wait to hear her reaction once she has it on and is ROCKIN' IT. i loved how this piece turned out so much that i have posted this Golden Abstract Butterfly Pendant
 for sale in my shop as a custom order.

And speaking of new item, i have finally added another item to my Etsy shop!
The butterfly pendants are pretty time consuming, and i was tryyyyyying to have Mimi's present done by mother's day so i hadn't worked on new pieces for my shop. But yesterday i put together a necklace that i am really really really excited about. drum roll please....

Here is the Personalized Feather and Dream Catcher Necklace by Folklure.
I took a white feather and stamped 'folklure' in gold on it. but like i said, this piece is personalized so you get to chose whatever name/phrase you would like to be stamped on it :) The gold lettering on the delicate feather creates such a whimisical look that i adore

Then i crocheted a 'dream catcher' to hang like a charm in a matching gold thread. This thread has alot of 'glimmer' that photos just can't capture but let me tell you- it looks gooooood ;)
I then weaved wire and beads around the edging of the dream catcher to add stability and hey, more beads.
why not?
Hanging from a longer antique finished chain with a closure at back, this new necklace of mine is definately a personal favorite! I have a feeling it will also be a shop favorite too at only $22
and oh by the way, you can add another feather to the necklace for two bucks.
create a flock of feathers with all your kids' names on it if you want!
Like i said, i'm pretty psyched about this necklace and i hope you are too :)
just click on the icon below to check out my El Shopo (i made that spanish word up)

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I can't wait to hear y'alls responses :)


  1. Awww, that poem is lovely! And so is the feather/dreamcatcher necklace!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I'm following you back!


  2. I love your jewelry! Such Waves of Whimsy!

  3. I enjoyed reading that Mother's Day poem and I can't wait to get my Mother's Day present, Thanks, it's beautiful.
    BTW, I realized that I wasn't following your blog onced you changed your name to folklure, now I know why I couldn't find it on my google reader.

  4. oh! i didn't know that happened :/ well glad you found it mamasetta!